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WSRD Rotax 900ACE Custom Diamond Pistons | Can-Am & Ski-Doo

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Introducing the WSRD Custom Diamond Pistons for your 2017-2019 Can-Am X3 and 2017-2020 Ski-doos! This is the piston that is featured in all WSRD V2 900ACE Engine Packages. WSRD has been working with Diamond Pistons on several engine platforms for the last four years will absolutely awesome results! The design behind this piston mimics the design WSRD used in dozens of 800+WHP Mitsubishi engines. This piston has seen over 250HP per cylinder! This is a completely customizable piston option as the client can choose a custom compression ratio, bore size and the addition of lateral and horizontal gas ports. As pictured, the WSRD crest will be on every set!