PCI Race Radios


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Complete in car and two-way radio communications without the headsets. Everything you need to install in your vehicle. Add on Trax Stereo headsets, Trax Stereo pre-wired helmets or Trax Stereo helmet wiring kits to complete the system. Check out our mounting solutions to simplify install in most UTVs!

Please note your existing 4 conductor headsets and helmets will not connect to the 5 conductor Trax Stereo Cables. You can purchase an adapter, but your mono headset or helmet will still be mono with the adapter. For the complete Trax stereo experience, purchase a Trax Stereo headsetTrax Stereo pre-wired helmet or Trax Stereo helmet wiring kit.

What comes in the box:

  • TRAX Plus Stereo Bluetooth Intercom. Two 12' Headset/Helmet Cables with quick disconnect nexus mil spec connections. 4 seat adds two 16' cables for the rear seats. Optional upgrade to DSP - See upgrade tab.
  • Icom F5021 Mobile Radio. 50 watt, VHF, Alphanumeric Display, 128 channels pre-programmed with our stock desert list. Add notes to your order if you would like any special frequencies added.
  • Antenna and Coax. 17' Hole Mount Coax and No Ground Plane Antenna.
  • Push to Talk Buttons. One Velcro and one panel mount.