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CA Tech Polaris RZR High Clearance Billet Rear Radius Rods

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If you've made it this far into our website, you are likely here for one reason. You are in search of a quality product at a quality price, and receive red carpet customer service.

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But, if you want to know more details.... then if you insist we can go over those as well.

Our high clearance rods were designed with strength, dependability, and affordability all in mind. Our rods finish in the absolute largest rods on the market. We have a finished thickness of 1.25 inches throughout the entire center of the rod where it really counts, and a finished height of the rod at over 1.5 inches. Making these the absolute thickest rod on the market.

We utilize ONLY industry leading FK Brand Spherical bearings equipped with a cloth PTFE liner for durability. No substitutions accepted.

Our rods are fully covered by a no hassle no BS warranty. If you damage a rod in any way we guarantee to replace it no questions asked, at all. We stand behind everything we produce and leave no doubt at our level of customer satisfaction.

Set inlcudes 4 rods total.

2 Billet High Clearance

2 Billet Straight

All heims and needed hardware included.

Please allow one additional week for all colors other than Black. Please call with color before choosing the color option to verify it is something we can do.

For the ultimate package check out our which complements our rods tremendously well.