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Engineered for the toughest jobs and most extreme terrain, these bearings are built for riders who push their vehicles to the limit. The tight seal protects the bearing from repeated rides on unforgiving terrain like sand or mud. The high-grade steel and top quality materials makes these bearings ideal for use with large tires or when traversing rocks. High lateral strength means these bearings can take heavy loads around tight corners or down steep grades with ease.

  • ONE (1) Wheel Bearing. QTY 4 for all 4 wheel bearings.
  • Specifically designed for riders who push their vehicles to the limit in work or play
  • Improved seal holds up to repeated pressure washing and rides in mud, water, or sand
  • Only bearings to pass an intensive mud slurry test – the best bearings for mudders
  • Ideal for vehicles with large tires or heavy payloads
  • We recommend a dealer installs these bearings
  • Proper installation torque is a critical to bearing performance and life

2014 – 2022 RZR XP PLATFORM (ALL)