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CA Tech Can-Am X3 Differential Fill Adapter

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Tired of having difficulties getting Differential Fluid into your X3 after draining? Don't want to waste all that expensive fluid you just bought. Here is the solution.

We have designed a simple, affordable, and effective tool for managing those difficult time losses.

Simply use the aluminum adapter, thread it into the fluid fill plug where the stock X3 plug is, attach the supplied hose, run to an easy to acces location and use your favorite funnel in the hose to fill your X3 with fluid. When your done just detach the hose from the adapter, unthread it, and reinstall the plug. It's really that easy.

The adapter is made here in the United States using 6061 T6 Grade billet aluminum. The supplied hose is 3/4" diameter vinyl tubing that resists break downs from oil and other chemicals. The 3/4" tubing provides a large enough way to get oil into the differential and not slow you down.

it is recommended to regularly check fluid levels as detailed in your owners manual.

Includes adapter and hose. Does not include funnel

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As with every product we make, there is a no hassle lifetime warranty applied.