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CA Tech USA Can-Am X3 Rear Limit Straps

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The ultimate suspension and drive train problem solver for your X3!

Prevent shock and axle damage with a simple and robust limit strap system. Limit straps provide a very effective way to limit damage by only limit complete suspension travel enough to prevent severe CV angles and internal shock damage caused by bottoming out at full extension.

Our limit straps mount to the OEM bolt locations for the shocks and come with an integrated shock cord system that keeps the excess slack from the strap up top far away from any intrusion with the tires. No need to use zip ties to attach the strap to the springs anymore!!

Straps are sewn in house on our industrial sewing machine to custom lengths specifically for your X3. Made from 6,000 lb. breaking strength webbing then doubled for extra security, making sure your parts are extra protected!

Comes with all 10.9 Metric hardware and stainless steel spacers to ensure you have strong and corrosion resistant components!

For a complete front and rear system view our Front Limit Strap System as well. You won't find a better kit on the market.

CA Tech USA Can-Am X3 Rear Limit Straps
CA Tech USA Can-Am X3 Rear Limit Straps