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CA Tech B.A.M.F Can-Am X3 Rear Pull Plate

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We pride ourselves on introducing the first changeable pull plate for your Can-Am X3. The CA Technologies B.A.M.F Pull Plate allows you to quickly change between different attachments depending on what your needs are. Our pull plate is guaranteed to perform flawlessly or your money back!

  • -Solid Billet Aluminum 1.5″ 6061 construction
  • -Precision machined for a beautiful finish and fit every time
  • -Solid B18.3 Grade 8 Shoulder Bolts that maintain a shear rating of 84,000 lbs
  • -Lifetime Warranty

***Important Note*** Most two inch hitches that you purchase will require the end going into the receiver to be trimmed so that it will fully slide in.

Want something completely indestructible? Do you want something so awesome it almost got it banned from 11 states? If you answered yes, we have you covered.

Next in the line up of high quality, unique, and useful parts from CA Technologies is a pull plate unlike any other. Not only is it thicker then your third grade teachers coke bottle glasses, it holds a single feature that stands above the rest. It is interchangeable.

Interchangeable with what you may ask? Well then allow us to explain.

Our pull plate is designed in such a way that within a matter of seconds you will easily and effortlessly change between different attachments of your choosing. Currently those attachments consist of 3 major components. The Tow Hook, for tow straps, chains or winch cables. The Tow Loop for small cables, synthetic ropes, or very large clevis'. And last but nor least the standard two inch receiver.

***Important Note*** Most two inch hitch's that you purchase will require the end going into the receiver to be trimmed so that it will fully slide in.

Now, you may be wondering just how fast you can interchange between attachments? Or perhaps you are reluctant to believe our claim of within a matter of seconds. Watch this short video where in just 79 seconds to be exact we change between all three attachments. (Warning the blazing speed seen in this video is not for the faint of heart. We will not be responsible for seizures induced by the lightning quick flashes, or permanent burns to your retina and/or eye muscle strain from trying to follow the action.)

So now that the excitement is all over lets get down to business. What can you expect to get from our pull plate? You will have the ability to quickly swap between attachments and NEVER have to remove the main base of the plate. That means once mounted you have no need to mess with the radius rods anymore. You will simply remove the two shouldered bolts from the pull plate, swap the pieces you want, then re tighten. It really is as simple as that. And if you don't believe me, revisit the video above.

All of our plates are machined by us here in the U.S.A. We machine them out of a solid piece of Billet 6061 Aluminum along with the tow hook, and tow loop attachments. The only steel attachment is the 2 inch receiver which is machined from 1018 steel. Each pull plate comes in raw aluminum, if you would like colors please email us so we can accommodate you. 2 inch receivers come in a standard black texture powder coat, however we can arrange other colors for you.

CA Tech B.A.M.F Can-Am X3 Rear Pull Plate
CA Tech B.A.M.F Can-Am X3 Rear Pull Plate