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WSRD Can-Am WS225X (255HP) Performance Package | 98+ Octane

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Introducing the WSRD Can-Am WS225X Package! For those looking for the ultimate stock engine 98+ Octane race gas package, look no further!

Power Output: 

  • 110 Octane: 219.7HP (Still Testing Various Intakes & Exhausts)
    • at 24-25PSI using WSRD 3" Intake: 221/225HP
    • at 24-25PSI using stock intake/exhaust: 213HP
  • Boost: 24-25 PSI (Sport & Eco Switch Tuning is available)

Features: (Package Essentials)

  • Forced Performance X3 Green Turbocharger Upgrade
    • Includes WSRD/BorgWarner Wastegate
    • Includes WSRD Install Kit - Oil Drain Gasket, OEM Turbo Feed Banjo Fitting Crush Washers and OEM Coolant Line O-Rings
  • WSRD Custom WS225X 98+ Octane Tunes - via the DynoJet Power Vision PV3
    • DynoJet Power Vision is included 
  • WSRD 3 Bar MAP Sensor Kit
  • DynoJet Can-Am PV3 Wideband Kit (Logging Capability)
  • ID 1050X Injector Set + PNP Adapters
  • 2018 Fuel Pump/Hanger Assembly (2017 Models ONLY)
  • WSRD Shirt/Sticker Swag Pack

The WS225X Kit is designed for 98+ Octane Race Gas!

Package Upgrades: 

  • WSRD/SPAL 2018 Intercooler Fan Upgrade for 2017 Models
  • WSRD 10" Fan & Shroud Assembly
  • C&R Race Intercooler
  • Empire Industries Downpipe + Added O2 Bung
  • WSRD Catch Can Kit w/ Black Outerwear Filter Cover

Clutching Options: 

  • KWI Clutching AO Full Kit

For those clients with some of our other Can-Am products or clients with other vendor products please reach out directly to us for custom quotes on our WS225X Kit!

WSRD Can-Am WS225X (255HP) Performance Package | 98+ Octane
WSRD Can-Am WS225X (255HP) Performance Package | 98+ Octane