Dual Band Mobile Antenna

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Dual Band Mobile Antenna

Our most popular antenna is now available in Dual Band (VHF, UHF). Providing reliable performance in all types of conditions, this antenna extends the reach of any dual band radio for all drivers, teams, and various applications.

This is a Ground Plane antenna, requiring a metal surface mount (such as a metal roof) for best operation. This dual band antenna features a molded high heat ABS mounting base with silver soldered connections, gold plated push pin contacts and O-ring. All antennas are already pre-tuned. Simply order, mount, and ride!

Includes :
• Antenna
• Allen wrench

29" Replacement Whip Antenna for Dual Band Antenna

29" stainless replacement antenna is best suited for Dual Band Radios and is offered here as the optimal replacement whip for the DB-RM Antenna. This whip will not work with the older style, two piece dual band mobile antenna. For VHF only radios, we recommend this replacement whip.

If you ever lose or damage your antenna, simply tune (cut) the whip to appropriate length for the frequency you're using by following the VHF Antenna Tuning Chart below.

Never let your communications suffer from a lost, broken, or bent antenna. get a spare whip now and your communications back up and running at full efficiency and performance.