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Can AM Maverick Clutch tooling kit

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KWI Can Am Maverick clutch tooling kit allows you to fully service both the primary and secondary clutches and many other functions on the 2017+ Maverick X3 and 2015+ Maverick turbo models for a fraction of the cost of other tooling. Functions of the Clutch tooling Kit as follows: -Primary clutch puller -Complete primary clutch disassembly with clutch still installed on the machine -Governor cup puller- Special M14 bolt and primary clutch puller now included in kit -Primary clutch spring decompressor/compressor -Primary clutch holding fixture -Primary clutch governor cup installer/seating -Primary clutch compresion all the way thru full shift to check complete clutch operation, alignment and shift out troubleshooting. -Installed primary clutch compression to check thrust rollers and or change weights with clutch installed. -Secondary clutch spring decompressor/compressor and helix installation Shipping and handling charges not included.

*This is a KWI manufactred product*